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The Shingle Guy

***CUSTOM, HAND-PAINTED Nantucket Shingles!***

Hi!  My name is Steve.  But on Nantucket, I'm referred to as "The Shingle Guy" : )

Nantucket is a place I have grown to love over the years.  A magical, far-away island.  Almost like a fairytale...

So, I started painting little scenes on old shingles I recycled from houses and B&B's.  I paint from pictures either I've taken myself, or customers have sent to me of their cherished memories. One of my favorite parts of each painting is allowing the weathered silver or natural wood tones to become part of the picture!

They are easy to hang on a wall, display on a shelf, or even add as an ornament to your Christmas tree!

Sizes and prices vary, so send me a message! I can help make sure you have a little piece of Nantucket wherever the wind may take you...

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